Why don’t online casinos offer unlimited table limits

Limiting table limits is purely a question of risk management. In case of doubt, a casino must always be able to pay out the winnings. Nothing would be more embarrassing and damaging to reputation than if the casino suddenly stood there and couldn’t pay the player out. Since casinos are often also profit-oriented companies, which may also have to account for shareholders, limiting the risk of total loss is mandatory.

On the one hand, it is about limiting the strategy of the Martingale at an online roulette table by keeping the ratio of minimum to maximum bet often 1: 100 or 1: 200. This is also the case in most online casinos. The live casinoslike slots ltd casino  are a bit more revealing. With simple chances, the ratio of the minimum to the maximum is sometimes 1: 2000, in the case of the William Hill High Roller table “Salle Privee” even 1: 5000.

The Martingale is not the real problem, however, as this strategy is only profitable with unlimited limits on the assumption that the player has unlimited financial possibilities. There are definitely players for whom it is easy to gamble away a million or two in one evening. At the same time, however, the casino must also be able to pay out a lucky high roller, and that can quickly run into tens of millions – which can possibly make up the entire profit for a year.

Which means of payment are suitable for high rollers?

When it comes to the highest tables at an online casino, you also have to ask yourself how you can top up your casino account accordingly. There are not only different payment methods, but also different deposit limits for the various options from casino to casino. Here, too, the William Hill Casino has clearly set itself apart from other casino providers with particularly high deposit limits. There is a deposit limit of € 125,000 for credit cards, and € 100,000 for traditional bank transfers or the internet account from the eWallet Skrill . With the popular PayPal account you can still deposit € 37,000.

When playing for high limits, you should also choose the right deposit method

These numbers are all the more impressive when you look at the limits of other casinos. Some providers such as Betsson limit the one-time deposit with credit cards to € 1,000, possibly also to limit possible credit card fraud. Betsson disqualifies itself as a high roller casino, even though the live casino games from NetEntertainment can boast high limits. At other casinos you can deposit a maximum of € 100 with PayPal or Paysafecard, although technically more is possible at https://www.sllots.co.uk.

What else should you watch out for when playing?

There are also a few important things to consider when playing for the highest limits. The focus is on the security of your money, because you can be cheated out of a million on the Internet as well as 20 €.

.Not every high roller casino is serious . But just because any casino can offer high limits doesn’t mean it has to be as trustworthy as William Hill. Before making a deposit, pay particular attention to a valid gambling license, which is best issued by a European regulatory authority.

Pay attention to the details of the terms and conditions As with any legal transaction, such as the deposit at an online casino, the contract details are not insignificant – especially when it comes to a lot of money. On the “How do I protect myself against fraud?” you will find a few clues that lead to misunderstandings and nasty surprises with ignorant players, just because they made a naive deposit and started playing blindly.

.Responsible gambling Being wealthy does not protect against gambling addiction and so it can happen that problematic gambling behavior develops even when playing at the highest limits. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if you gambled away your last € 1,000 or your last € 100,000. Gambling addiction always leads to a lot of financial and personal problems and should therefore always be identified and combated in good time. Do not be afraid to take advantage of one of the free consultations. Terry Watanabe had to gamble away his entire $ 112 million inheritance in Las Vegas before he admitted his gambling addiction problem and sought help. That shouldn’t happen to you.

High roller alternatives

Betvictor allows its casino players to deposit very large amounts Another casino provider that is very well suited for online gaming at high limits is BetVictor. BetVictor is also a well-known betting company that has been known in the UK for decades. With the advent of the Internet, BetVictor has expanded its online business to include casino games and is represented in the latest live games trend with the largest selection of live games of any online casino. In addition to the games from their own studio, they also offer games from no fewer than four other live providers – high games from Playtech and Evolution Gaming are also included.

There are also very high limits for the deposit methods. With credit cards and debit cards, up to € 120,000 can be deposited. The eWallets can be paid in via Neteller € 50,000, € 30,000 via Skrill and € 7,000 via PayPal. There is no limit at all for bank transfers and instant transfers via Moneybookers (Skrill)! Here you can try out the live games from BetVictor yourself and get an impression.