What is website accessibility audit and testing?

A web accessibility audit is a thorough examination of a website to determine its degree of accessibility. It entails:

A review of the website’s technical aspects gets carried out manually.

Using a range of automated technologies to test the website

By giving a complete and detailed report of actionable activities necessary to advance toward compliance, the web accessibility audits reveal particular pain spots or impediments to online or digital accessibility.

Where does a web accessibility audit fit?

The first step toward online accessibility compliance is a web accessibility audits. The technical assessment gives a snapshot of an organization’s level of compliance or non-compliance with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, the global standard for web accessibility. It includes the following features:

The WCAG checkpoint in question

Troubleshooting screenshots

Testers’ feedback

Technical auditors’ comments

The suggestions for resolving the problem

What’s the point of an online accessibility audit?

There are four compelling reasons why you should do an online accessibility assessment.


Because businesses are shifting their goods, support, and services online, they must guarantee that all consumers, including those with disabilities, can access them.


Websites that are accessible are cleaner and more cost-effective. It’s easy to edit and update code, making it easier to manage your content while maintaining accessibility.


With an accessible website, you can target your products and services to underserved markets: the one in every five Australians who have a handicap.

Benefits of an online accessibility audit

You may confidently and effectively progress to a state of accessibility compliance once you know whether your organization’s websites or mobile device apps are inaccessible. It’s as easy as that. An audit is the best place to start if you want to build an organizational culture or behavior that places accessibility at the center of everything it does and puts checks and processes to guarantee accessibility gets integrated across the organization.