UAE: A Path to Diversification for Businesses

UAE: A Path to Diversification for Businesses

The Power of Diversification in Business

Diversification is one of the most potent tools for businesses aiming to grow, mitigate risks, and capture new markets. It’s not just about entering new sectors or expanding product lines, but also about geographic expansion, which allows businesses to tap into new demographics and economic environments. The United Arab Emirates (UAE), with its strategic location, progressive business climate, and vast array of Free Zones, offers a unique opportunity for businesses looking to diversify.

While there are multiple Free Zones in the UAE, each with its specialties, certain zones stand out for specific sectors. For instance, businesses focusing on service and media find an attractive destination in Fujairah, particularly the Fujairah Creative City Free Zone.

Benefits of Setting Up in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone

Established in 2007, Fujairah Creative City Free Zone has been designed as a hub for creativity and innovation, with a special emphasis on media and service companies. Located along the Gulf of Oman in the emirate of Fujairah, the zone provides excellent connectivity, given its proximity to a major port and its own airport.

One of the key advantages of setting up here is the array of licenses that the free zone offers, covering sectors like Broadcasting, Media and Marketing, Publishing, Event Management, and more. These licenses are crafted to cater to the niche requirements of businesses within these sectors. Moreover, the free zone provides various visa options for employees, ensuring that companies can attract and retain international talent without hindrance.

Another significant benefit is the financial aspect. Companies in Fujairah Creative City Free Zone are not burdened with profit tax, and there are no mandatory audits, making it financially efficient to operate here. The quick company setup process, typically completed within 10 days, allows businesses to hit the ground running. And while setting up, the lease of an office space, which serves as the registered address, ensures the legitimacy and permanence of your business in the UAE.

For those seeking more details on establishing a business in this particular Free Zone, provides step-by-step instructions, shedding light on the process.

UAE’s Commitment to Diversification

The UAE’s commitment to diversification is evident in its Vision 2021, which aims to make the country among the best in the world by the Golden Jubilee of the Union. As part of this vision, the UAE has been focusing on sectors beyond oil, such as tourism, finance, and trade. The proliferation of Free Zones, such as Fujairah Creative City, showcases this commitment. These zones not only attract foreign investment but also stimulate innovation, entrepreneurship, and job creation.

The synergy of these Free Zones with the UAE’s infrastructure, which includes world-class airports, seaports, roads, and digital connectivity, makes the nation an ideal base for businesses looking to diversify geographically.

Leveraging UAE’s Position for Brand and Marketing Strategies

Given the multicultural fabric of the UAE, businesses can also leverage their presence here to strengthen their brand and marketing strategies. The exposure to diverse markets and consumers can provide invaluable insights, which can be used to tweak products or services, or even the entire brand messaging.

Moreover, being situated in a region that serves as a bridge between the East and West offers companies a unique positioning. They can cater to markets in Europe, Africa, Asia, and beyond with relative ease. Such geographic diversification, coupled with the prestige associated with a UAE-based operation, can significantly boost a brand’s image and market reach.


In a world where businesses constantly need to innovate and adapt, the UAE, with its forward-thinking approach and array of specialized Free Zones, offers the perfect platform for diversification. Whether it’s tapping into new sectors or simply expanding geographically, the opportunities presented by regions like the Fujairah Creative City Free Zone can provide the impetus businesses need to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.