The OTT channel run by Aha media is available on platforms like MX Player and ZEE5. In the pandemic period, these online platforms have become a significant source of entertainment for their users. The Telugu industry is often known for the variety of movies it produces. This pandemic has not stopped the industry from maintaining its position successfully in the world of entertainment. Great work by the OTT channel has been a source of relief to all the Tollywood fans out there who couldn’t go to cinemas. Even after the lockdown, people prefer binge online watching movies more than anything as their source of entertainment.

Telugu industries often make cute romantic movies with great twists and are successful in entertaining their viewers. Released on the 18th of March, 2020, Amaram Akhilam Prema is a romantic drama Telugu film online. Jonathan Edwards is the writer and director of the movie, and Vevkds Prasad is the producer. The film’s cast includes Vijay Ram as Amar and Shivshakti Sachdev as Akhila in the lead roles. Naresh as Amar’s father, Srikanth Iyengar as Akhila’s father, Annapoorna as Akhila’s grandmother, Sri Lakshmi as Akhila’s aunt, and Siva Reddy as the supporting roles.

Radhan, the music director of the movie, and the cinematographer Rasool Ellore have done a great job. All must see the film as it is a cute romantic story with a fantastic cast. However, the background music helps the viewer relate to the story well and be loved by all. AMARA M AKHILAM PREMA is an online watch movies that is available on the OTT channel. This is a 132 minutes long movie and can be watched along with friends and family.

Amaram Akhilam Prema is based on an acute and straightforward love story with great twists. The story starts with the heroine, Akhila, and is the real princess of her father. Akhila studies in an engineering college when she falls in love with a rogue. As Akhila’s father is rigorous, he refuses her affair and stops talking to her. To make her father happy, Akhila breaks up and starts preparing for her civil examination, which was her father’s dream.

Meanwhile, Amar, who runs a bookstore with his dad, falls for her and later in the story tries to convince Akhila’s father. Akhila qualifies for the exam and gets the post of IAS, and falls for Amar, a sweet-hearted person. The story revolves around Amar trying to convince Akhila’s father.

Tollywood has often satisfied its viewers with great content, and so Amaram Akhilam Prema. The story and plot cast of the story has made it the best film of 2020 for any viewer. The best part of the movie is the simplicity which it holds. All have praised the fantastic performance of Shivshakti Sachdev. Overall, This movie is recommended to all the viewers who like romantic drama and are interested in watching decent Telugu movies online along with anyone they want.