Madden NFL 21 receives new patch 1.26

EA Sports has just released a new update for Madden NFL 21’s Franchise Mode, in charge of correcting all the bugs and glitches that still remain in the game after all the updates it has received since its launch.

March began with the release of update 1.25, but since it caused many new errors in the game, the developers decided to release a new update 1.26 that would give the title more stability and solve the new problems that the last patch generated.

In addition, with the recent inclusion of the title in the Xbox Game Pass catalog, EA Sports must have the utmost interest that Xbox players can enjoy Madden NFL 21 with the fewest possible errors and thus motivate them to buy the next installment of the franchise: Madden NFL 22.

Therefore, it is best that you do not expect a big change or a big news after you install this update, as it has not been released to drastically change the gaming experience.

In fact, in the patch notes shared by EA, they only shared one statement:

“Stability and Quality improvements”.

With that brief sentence EA Sports has summarized the new update of the game, without detailing which errors it attacked, although players have already noticed some improvements.

In fact, update 1.25 caused the coach in Franchise Mode to receive a hilarous rainbow makeover, something that surely EA Sports has solved with this update 1.26 that is now available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC .

For a few weeks now, Franchise Mode players have asked EA to tweak how AI works within this mode, as it often acts outside of logic and causes the game to lose that much-needed component of realism.

However, everything indicates that this update will not mess with that section and everything will remain the same in the title. In addition, some press portals speculated that this patch may have been the last for this game, as the start of the next NFL season and, therefore, the launch of Madden NFL 22 is getting closer and closer.

Madden NFL 21 disappointed many players, especially those who have the game on next-gen consoles, because it did not show a clear improvement over its previous versions, although it is something totally understandable being an intergenerational game.

Of course, EA Sports promised that much of the improvements requested by fans will be included in Madden NFL 22, so there has been great expectation around the launch of the next game.

For now, all we can do is continue to enjoy Madden Ultimate Team and buy MUT 21 Coins online at muteamgo to acquire your favorite players, in the hope that Madden 22 will be much better.

Madden NFL 21 is now available on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC. The game is free for Xbox Game Pass subscribers and EA Play subscribers on Xbox Consoles and PC.