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During their first follow match against Karasuno, he comments that Karasuno’s team is full of holes but robust. As the match ends with a win and Karasuno is leaving the gym, they appear to see Aoba jōsai are up 24-13 in their first set of the primary spherical. Yui Michimiya, Michimiya Yui is the captain of the girls’ volleyball staff at Karasuno Highschool; she is a third-12 month student. He has an enthusiastic and persistent persona, which impresses Nekoma’s coach, getting him to agree to hold practice matches with the Karasuno crew. He works effectively with Kōshi Sugawara, practicing his combination of attacks and assaults to get a regular spot on the crew.

The 2 personalities clash, and later, captain Daichi Sawamura arrives to throw the two off and tells them they cannot be a part of the club till they start to get along. Together with Tobio Kageyama, he is considered one of karasuno’s two prodigies, having received the prefecture’s Best Libero award in Junior High. Tsukishima reveals he is a blocker that no one has been in opposition to, and he exhibits why Kageyama become recognized due to the fact the King of the courtroom in Junior High. He began wanting to turn out to be a voice actor in high school, inspired by Akira Ishida’s position as Koyemshi in Bokurano. So if you’re a real fan of Haikyuu, don’t miss all of the science fiction anime decisions from the Haikyuu store and, of course, our apparel and cosplay collections.

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