Investing in Business Logo Pen: Why do it?

Everything starts with versatility, and it will just keep on going. These things can be pretty serious, funny, elegant, edgy, or economical. They can even expand a company’s brand awareness, popularize products or services, reinforce the theme of meetings or events, introduce organizations to the target markets, serve a lot of purposes, or commemorate special occasions. In short, business logo pens are pretty versatile.

Versatility is considered as one of the most important reasons why these things continue to be one of the most important, effective, and popular promotional items in the business world. But being versatile does not explain why companies and other organizations find these things a very effective and cost-efficient marketing tool. Let us take a good look at some of these reasons.

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Almost all individuals use pens. Even though the engraving or printing logo pens are pretty small, their impact can be very high. Everyone is talking about the Internet, but the majority of individuals still use ballpoints. As a matter of fact, ASI or the Advertising Specialty Institute found that more or less 90% of customers have promotional writing devices, and at least 20% own more than ten pens.

That is a lot of exposure for a brand, services, products, or events. People than pens more widely use no promo items. These things are used over and over. Any professionals will tell you that doing something over and over is very important to get business messages to their intended markets.

Some promo items are used more than ballpoints. An individual might use promo mugs once a day or wear promo shirts once a week. But they will use ballpoints five, ten, or fifteen times a day. And every time they use it, the company’s marketing message is sinking in much more profound.

These things are cost-effective or budget-friendly. The cost of one promo pen can be as low as $0.30 to $0.50. It goes a long way if companies want maximum coverage. And even at low-price points, these items offer reliable quality, as well as eye-catching designs that will make any company proud. If people want to treat themselves to something nicer, they need to go for it. Because of how frequently these items are seen and used, one device that costs one dollar will have a cost item of less than 1/10 of a cent.

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These things make individuals laugh

There are novelty ballpoints, and these things are sure to make individuals smile. There are other designs people can choose from flower pots, ballpoints wearing a cowboy hat or graduation cap to other surprising designs that make a good impression on clients or consumers that gets them not only to remember the company’s brand but also to talk about it. Some popular ballpoints have health care themes. Who needs a smile more than patients and caregivers?

They send serious messages

Promo pens can carry the weight in executive offices or boardrooms on the other side of the spectrum. A simple look at engraved ballpoints reveals tons of elegant choices at people’s disposal (still pretty affordable) for connecting with high-level customers, as well as business partners.

They have adapted to modern technology

People do not have to use paper to use promo-business logo pens anymore. Companies offer complete lines of promo stylus pens for their touchscreen devices. It is a massive deal since mobile stylus can be used in modern devices are almost everywhere today, and applications, where these things can be used, are multiplying by the minute like virtual rabbits. The stylus can bring brands to a new set of customers and prospects. What is more, with these devices, people can complete gas stations and grocery stores’ transactions without touching screens.

Which industries use promo pens?

Just about every industry uses business logo pen, but these industries use those most often.


From pre-school, high school, colleges to universities, schools come to manufacturers on a daily basis for promo pens. It stands to reason since a big part of the experience in this industry involves writing – essays, class notes, assignments, homework, and tests. These things make good giveaways for special events that take place at universities of schools, and it serves as a good memento for parents and graduates.

Service businesses

These things are proven methods of expanding product or service awareness for global, regional, even local service businesses. Whether it is a bank, restaurant, dry cleaner, or plumbing firm, these items send messages throughout communities being served that they are there. Not only that, with phone numbers or website address as part of these messages, inexpensive and modest promo pen becomes direct sources of new companies.