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The reason for these investigations will depend on the particular case. However, it may include (but isn’t only) verification of the details associated with a member’s registration, like the name, address, and age verification of the member’s financial transactions, financial standing, or gaming activity. If the investigation results in an unconfirmed or unreliable conclusion, the Company may terminate the account of a member and defer any funds. If our request for documents is not fulfilled by the member and the Company can, at its discretion at any time at its decision, close the account and take any funds in the account. We reserve the right at all times to verify your registration details like name, address, and age.

The Company reserves the right to demand proof of age at any time to confirm that individuals who are not Legally of Age are not using the Services. The Company could end your account and block users from using the Software or Services when the proof of age isn’t provided by you or if the Company suspects that you are not legally of age. If the documents fail to meet our internal security standards, for example, if they are being manipulated or used to deceive or misrepresent, or if you suspect that they have been tampered with or altered, the Company can terminate your account and suspend your access to the Software or Services.

If it is deemed necessary, we can request that the documents are notarized, which means that the documents have been authenticated and stamped by an official notary public. The documents will typically include an identification card, evidence that you reside at the address indicated by a utility bill, and proof of payment method. They can be uploaded via Cashier. We reserve the right to background checks on any player. Any relevant documents can be uploaded through the Cashier. GGPoker reserves the right to update the list of countries with restricted access regularly.